Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This afternoon

Well, I had a CAT scan of my sinuses. When I see my doc he'll explain, I'm sure. I hadn't been able to eat for 2 hours before, and I'd woken up within those two hours so I hadn't eaten all day, and was starting to get lightheaded. So mum bought me McDonalds - a NameIt burger, bottle of water and a cookie sundae. Both the foodstuffs were REALLY GOOD, and I wasn't expecting them to be anywhere near as good. I definitely hope they keep the NameIt, it tastes better than anything else they're currently offering. Yum. It actually tastes like a real hamburger. The sundae...well, sundaes are sundaes.

After that we trekked off to the mall, to do a mad dash to try and get everything done. I dropped my jeans that I bought in Melbourne off at Just Jeans to get them to alter them (too long, pants always are) and then mad dashed to Big W to try and get some pyjamas. Ha. It's too late in the season to get pyjamas in a size smaller than 12, and mostly they just had size 24. Not exactly my size, but they had some very cute pyjamas. So we set off again to Kmart, who thankfully had a few things I'd actually wear left. So I now have two sets of pink and black pyjamas, and one set of old blue ones that hasn't fallen apart. One is really a nightie, and bright lolly pink, with minnie mouse on it, but it only comes to mid thigh despite having long sleeves so I grabbed some stretchy black pants from a clearance rack ($10 yay!) to go with it, which matches the black stitching on the cuffs and neck. The others are snoopy, pale pink but the shirt is one of those that looks like it's a layered one. The pink overshirt is short sleeved, and the undershirt is black and long sleeved, and the pants are pink with black snoopys. So I now have pyjamas that will (hopefully) keep me warm.

I got home and started Ariel's present, who is here:
at this point in time. Pretty, hey. Going to look great with a bit of backstitching.

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Andrea said...

Oooh I love Snoopy! Can I ask what Ariel's present is, or is it a surprise?