Monday, July 30, 2007

Five rows done

which means 7500 stitches done on A Restful Night. Here's my baby:

row 5 done, 29th July

New this row: the eyebrow (isnt it delicate?) and the beginnings of an eye, and most of her ear. She's so lovely, and I love the new camera.

I still feel ugh, and have sores in my mouth, which is strange, but life goes on. I got an invite to my friend Ariel (from the high school I was at this year)'s 18th party which is Saturday night, which should be fun - it's at a chinese restaurant near here, so I can go, and come home easily. It finishes at 9, too, so I can get home at a good hour. She's an invalid too, so understands. I rang her up to RSVP this afternoon and we had a good chat about doctors and illnesses and other fun things, and lots of talk about food.

I'm also catching up with a friend of mine, Tessa, who I haven't seen in about 8 months, on Wednesday - she's coming down here. It should be good, I miss catching up with her!

I'm now on the lookout for dragon freebies, to see if I can find one for Ariel's birthday. One that I could hope to stitch in time, that is!

Anyway, picture posted, and happy dance, and I've got the colours written down for this off to stitch again.


Lady Val said...

She's looking good! Love the colors, but then I love blue. The eyebrow is just teasing us... can't wait to see an eye.

Michelle said...

Wow! She's looking beautiful!