Monday, July 30, 2007


is what I answered Tessa when she asked me how I am.

I'm okay, still alive, just out of sorts.

I think it's partly hormonal, partly weather, and partly just feeling blah. Oh, and the fact that Im sick. Yeah, that too.

I have a cat scan appt on Tuesday, so that should be fun, and Tuesday is also the last day of the month. For all my ideals this time last week, I didnt get to do the amount I thought I would on A Restful Night, though I did take it with me tonight. I'm almost done with this row though, which I am very pleased about. Only 50 or so stitches left, and I'll take lots of photos tomorrow - I found the camera.

I went to a movie night tonight, which was enjoyable - they ordered 5 pizzas for 20 people, which wasn't enough, but Troy said about not being able to eat cheese so people piled in the car and bought more pizza - six more, and Troy got his dairy free pizza as part of that. And Jeremy bought a seafood one as a random one, and Father Silouan discovered he liked it a lot, so he ended up eating a few slices. After the movie, when we thought we were all stuffed, they brought out the cornettos (icecream...nummm....) and a frosty fruit for Troy who was rather chuffed to be remembered, he usually goes without. The movie was An Inconvenient Truth, which was good - I hadn't seen it before.

Jeremy also gave us some antidoron as we got out of the car because we hadn't been able to attend Divine Liturgy. It meant a lot to me, and I plan to eke it out a little over the course of the week.

I desperately need new pyjamas, as I live in them day in day out unless we have visitors or I'm going somewhere, and being able to change them once a day would be nice. I have two pairs, and one of them needs to be thrown out - no elastic, even in the knit top, and they're so thin... oh well. We are going to raid kmart, because so far they make the most reliable and long lasting pyjamas! Them or Big W.

Anyway, enough rambling.

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