Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I maded a dress

And it is VERY purple. I have photos, but they in no way capture the irridescent purpleness of this dress :P

I love it!

I ended up not using the cream fabric I'd bought for trim, and just using purple. I think it came out better than using the cream would have.

From the list I made last night I:

  • set up my frame again
  • got my sewing machine repaired
  • got as much done on my dress as possible
  • stitched on Mystery X again
  • actually worked from this list!
It turned out that I hadnt threaded my sewing machine right - oops, and it had slipped out creating the thunking. And I worked on the houses for MX and thoroughly enjoyed myself, its just such a lovely piece to stitch.

I only woke up at 12ish, and then got up about 3 - I have felt like lead and everything ached today (along with having no appetite) so it was just one of those days. But, I did stitch, and Mum and Dad brought my sewing machine home so I set about putting the last few seams into the bodice, sewing the pockets on and then sewing the whole thing together. The last few seams took no time it all, it was the smaller ones that took the time.

Anyway, here you are:
look, a dress!

I'm standing funny though, so it makes it stick out on one side. Please forgive that!

And from the back:
back of dress

There's a side pic too, but look in the album for that :)

It's too long, I need to hem it, but it's otherwise finished. I love it! Now to go to spotlight and buy fabric for another one...and back to commonsense patterns (where I bought the pattern - it's their square neck dress) for an apron pattern or something. But this will be a nice spring/summer dress, its cotton so nice and light. And the ties mean I can make it loose on a hot day. I am pleased.

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pethair-xstitcher said...

Talented girl, the dress is just lovely and I can imagine that it will be very comfortable in the summer, excellant job! (and your myster X sampler looks great too, so many sparkles!)