Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Confetti hell

Been steadily plodding along through A Restful Night today and tonight - confetti, confetti and more confetti. I timed myself at one stage, hoping to encourage myself - it backfired, 29 stitched in 30 minutes! Part of it is having to add all the new colours, which means finding them, cutting them, securing them and then stitching. There are just so many.

I have finished the part of her hair though - the line goes all the way to the bottom of the row, so now I am just finishing up the other side, which is slightly less confetti-y.

Today has been fairly uneventful. My sister is panicking about her exams, and I woke up late (again) but otherwise nothing much happened otherwise. I went to see my Nana in the rehabilitation hospital where she is after having a knee reconstruction. She has been doing hydrotherapy - in a bikini! I've never seen my grandmother in a bathing suit at all, much less a bikini - she's 70something, almost 80.

Mum and I are going to get to my purple square neck dress tomorrow, making it short sleeved. Mum is on holidays, so if the two of us cut the pieces for the dress, and I sew the seams while mum irons them and pins them, then we can get it done nice and quick and I can wear it *grin*

I want that dress done.

It will be fun to wear it, knowing I made it!

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