Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tomorrow I really need to...

  • spend at least an hour sorting out my chaos of a room
  • get rid of the suitcase in the middle of my floor
  • clear the floor so that I can at least get to my bed without tripping over/walking on stuff
  • move the big cushions out with the couch they belong to
  • sort all my charts and put them on the shelf where they belong
  • set up my frame again
  • get my sewing machine repaired (more on that later)
  • get as much done on my dress as possible (ditto)
  • get all the crockery/glasses out of my room
  • stitch on A Restful Night
  • stitch on Mystery X again because its calling and why would I not stitch on it when it's calling to me, given it has its own set of (enormous) Q-snaps... and within that, work a little on the house I've started (top one) and work lots on the last gate/corner thing (which I was avoiding when I last worked on it because I was so sick of them)
  • work on my wishlist again, since the HAED site one hates me currently
  • decide on whether I want any of the Durweigh charts or not before they are retired (I am thinking about the LOTR ones)
  • put at least one length of thread into the ancient sampler WIP that I have been procrastinating finishing for two years and only needs about an hour to be done
  • actually work from this list!

After going through my charts, I have found that only one will fit on the fabric I have for From The Ashes (RIP - lol) and that's Sara Butcher's Temptation, which I have been thinking about stitching anyway. So I might have a new start *sometime* soon, but it won't be until I have finished at least one of my current three WIPs. I am thoroughly enjoying stitching on A Restful Night at the moment, but I am tempted somewhat to make White Musings a focus to get it done since its so pretty and quick. We will see, if it starts calling louder than ARN then that's what I'll do, ARN will wait patiently for my return (and get stitched on on wednesdays regardless). I saw a WIP of it done in pink threads on white the other day and it was so pretty. I also have another two parts of it since I last worked on it, so I should do something about that! I think there will be either four or five parts to it, should be quite spectacular when its done.

I also got stuck into this purple dress of mine. After much deliberating, I decided that I'd do the cuffs and sash in the same purple fabric, rather than using the caramel colour. Everything is now cut out (except the sashes) and I have the bodice assembled except the side seams (they are done with the sleeves) and one sleeve put together more or less, it just needs the cuff finished sewing up. So there is a massive pile of purple fabric on my sewing table! It looks good though, I wondered if the purple might be too 'busy' but I am really liking how it is sewing up. Because its such a plain dress the purple lifts it. All was going well, and I'd taken a break to eat dinner, when...

my sewing machine threw a hissy fit. I have NO idea what's wrong with it, but after changing stitch length & width, changing stitch type, adjusting the tension several times, going slow, going fast, cleaning out the bobbin case...

it'll do one or two stitches then go CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK and refuse to work. And all the thread will be cobbled up on the back, with none on the front whatsoever. Fortunately, my parents are going to the mall tomorrow to get Dad new clothes (his last pair of jeans ripped unceremoniously across the backside on our way back from the Grampians - luckily it was during our last stop and his shirt was long enough to cover the gap) and some other things, and the sewing machine place is just across from there. So it should get fixed then, the guy there is pretty awesome about it all. I want my baby back and fixed...this dress is screaming even more now that it's all cut out!

I hate cutting, but it's awesome to see the big pile of purple fabric take shape. This is going to be an around the house dress - just a nice dress to wear without worrying about how I look, or even what shirt to wear, or where my jeans are... and because it pulls over my head and ties in back I can leave it loose or tight depending on the weather and my mood. I've been wanting some 'house' dresses for a while, and this is perfect - full skirted so I can do pretty much anything in it, but not fussy at all so ditto.

My grandmother is currently staying with us, so she's helping me out with things.

It's nice to be back, but I'm not feeling the greatest, and not exactly sure why. Hopefully it will pass though. My room has got to the ARGH stage, so I will attack it tomorrow, and hopefully that will calm me somewhat!

I'm also trying to figure out how to go about stitching JOB - sorry Tash, I know I haven't participated for a while! I love the piece, but it doesnt seem to fit in any of my Q-snaps and I can't stitch silks (or almost anything) in hand. I have been trying, but it just doesnt work. If I had something to stretch it on, I'd quickly do Tash's thing and stitch all the borders, than have fun each week working on filling in the panels, but Im sort of avoiding it because I have no way to stitch it, really.

Anyway enough rambling from me. Hopefully I will have a dress happy dance soon!

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