Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The obligatory goals recap

I've got another 200 or so stitches done on ARN last night, and might get some more done tonight, but there is no way I'm finishing this row this month! Oh well.

Here are my goals from last month:

  • participate in the challenge SAL with my restarted From The Ashes :) I did, but ended up scrapping it. Oh well.
  • reach the 60 row mark on A Restful Night Nope, but got to 50!
  • finish the top row of pages on tranquility, and at least one page of the second row I started the next page, but didn't finish it. Other things have been calling instead.
  • enjoy my stitching yes, I did.
  • participate in two QS SALs
  • participate in Tash'n'my JOB SAL yes, I did, and it was fun!
So, now to setting goals for next month.

Stitchy goals:
  • reach the 70 row mark on A Restful Night
  • stitch present for Ariel
  • enjoy my stitching
  • finish part 1 of White Musings, make progress on part 2
  • finish page 6 of Tranquility
  • stitch something on Mystery X
  • stitch on Froggy Frog World for the Challenge SAL (even though I've bowed out, I can still SAL, and the frogs need love)
  • finish part 1 of JOB, make progress on part 2
Life goals:
  • clear the surfaces in my room ie desk and chest of drawers
  • find something that isn't a suitcase to hang my 'pull on' clothes ie dressing gown, jeans on
  • stay positive
  • get to Divine Liturgy at least twice
  • read a book on Orthodoxy
  • look into moving desk out of my room
  • try to keep the floor at least vaguely clean
  • get rid of stuff I really don't need, be ruthless

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