Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I was doing okay-ish yesterday, got about 220 stitches done I suppose. All well and good, until I went to have dinner... and fell asleep on the table. I'd had a flare-up, everything ached, but I'd been stitching. Troy put me to bed, at 8pm, and I fell asleep, waking up at 12noon today. And I feel like death.

So no stitching so far today, though I am going to have a shot when I finish this entry. Even if I only get ten stitches in, I will have achieved something.

Went to see awesomedoctor tonight, who is a specialist in CFS, and his daughter has it - she's my age and we've known the family FOREVER. I then got blood taken, for a bazillion tests, and I have to have a CAT scan of my sinuses and yay, not. We also have to take apart my bedroom. That means taking all the furniture out (some for good, like my desk which currently gathers clutter and dust), cleaning everything really thoroughly, washing everything that can be washed, boxing up everything I don't need and storing it in what serves as a shed/storage area for us. We also have to wash ALL my clothes, and I have to find somewhere else for the rats to live - sob!

But, we will see how it goes. Lord have mercy.

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