Thursday, July 12, 2007

No dress, but stitching

Okay, my sister had hysterics today due to her meds making her overly (and i mean OVERLY) anxious about her exams. After a couple hours of that, and ringing the doctors, and finally making her sit in bed and not run screaming through the house, I wasn't up for dressmaking.

So I did a lot of nothing online instead.

Tonight I stitched, and worked on confetti some more. Got about 250 stitches done, I think, and here she is for you:

11th July 07

The photo is blurry in the full size, so just enjoy it this size instead :)

I'm going to see Anna tomorrow, give her back her frame and lowery attachment, and get the fabric for this weekend's restart - From the Ashes. Mum and I also plan to work on this dress, and I have bible study. All sounds good.

I also hope to finish this row sometime tomorrow!

I might be being a bit ambitious, but it would be so much fun to have it done. Only 6oo stitches though, and much of it is large blocks of colour. Should go quick, so hopefully I can do it.

I've also been knitting away at a dishcloth with some cotton yarn that just screamed at me - it's so loud, I couldnt miss it. I forget what the name of the stitch is, but it's knit1 purl1 and then the opposite in the following row, to give an alternating all over pattern. Makes good dishcloths, and they'll be nice and bright to do the dishes with - I have three different variegated yarns to use. This one is mostly bright pink, blue, green and orangey yellow. Another one is mostly that yellow colour, with pink, green and blue as secondary colours. And the last one is shades of purple, pink and red. Nice and bright.

Also, Dad and I are going back over the border - lol - to Victoria this weekend, to stay in the Grampian mountains in a cabin we've rented a zillion times before. The kangaroos are so tame there! It's lovely country, and will be nice to get away. I plan to take my stand in the car, so that when we've set up shop there I can put From the Ashes on the stand to work on her. I'm working across the width, so that will be important. I'll take her in the car anyway, and if nothing else grid her so that I don't get lost in the massive blocks of colour in the background.

I've also been bad and contemplating what to replace in my list of allowed projects when I'm done with A Restful Night (if I can get a row done a week she'll be done in fifteen weeks, and some rows might take me less than that...) and I think it will be Periwinkle Fae QS, if I don't scream at her because of the way that I stitched her - cross country, which I hate. I'll possibly be bad and throw her out again... in which case I'll tuck her and the chart away, and put another QS in my rotation, since I like having a HAED and something to stitch on Wednesdays. Presumably it will be Rose Fae, who I love, and have been wanting to stitch for a long time. But the focus project will be White Musings or Tranquility, depending on which is screaming most when I get there. White Musings is probably the better option, as I will finish it much sooner and have another finish!

The worst thing is all the HAEDs calling, especially the ones that I haven't started yet. But I have two started that are big ones - Froggy Frog World and From the Ashes, and when I have at least one of those finished I'll let myself start a new one. But not before! Big WIP-wise I'm not even going to speculate what will end up in my rotation next, I have so many WIPs that need doing, and there are lots of small-ish things from TGOSM that I've wanted to stitch for a while. So who knows.


Karin said...

Your HAED is gorgeous! I always admire stitchers who can work with all of those threads at once.

Michelle said...

Your HAED is looking amazing! You've really gotten a lot done.