Tuesday, July 10, 2007

And another one!

Just a quick update because I'm dancing a bit.

I've been working on A Restful Night tonight, and got about 400 stitches done, 100 of that confetti in her hair. All of the left wings are done for this row (and they look wonderful) and a good chunk of her hair which is very confetti-y but very beautiful.

I've got half this page's worth of this row done which is awesome. And most of it tonight! I might make it a goal to see how quick I can get this row done. After the next row of blocks I will have a full page done on it - wow.

I love the row method. It means that the whole piece looks 'complete' as you finish the row of blocks, but then you add the next row and it looks amazing all over again. You never get holes that make it look weird, and you get to uncover all different bits. Fun!

I also passed the 15% mark tonight. Got a 6th of it done now! That is a really cool thing to think about. The first sixth has the background, shoes and hair, the second her face and beginning of her chest, the third her arms, some mushrooms and the beginning of the frog, the fourth the frog's eyes, the fifth his body, the sixth his feet and the log. Roughly. Something new to look forward to each time.

I know I'm mad for doing this, but it's just so much fun! Now to just ignore the babies calling... too many HAEDs waiting to be started, and WIPs screaming for love. Ack.


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Laural said...

Confetti is the worst but makes it look the best doesn't it?