Friday, July 27, 2007

Alive again

Today has been considerably better. I've been good, stayed off my feet, filled in my recording charts, taken my fish oil tablets, only complained a few times about the fact that I can taste the fishyness still hours later, and stitched.

I have realised that there is actually some half decent stuff (like reruns of All Saints) on in the middle of the day thanks to my Nana who is staying with us, so that's been good to watch while stitching.


I am almost out of the hair confetti! Which is very awesome. I've started the blue again, but its above the hair, and Im just finishing off the hair now, it's all done in the next block. But its been worth it - her hair is beautiful, she has most of an ear, an eyebrow, and the slightest teaser of an eye. I can't wait to finish the row, and post a picture.

I've also discovered an islamic clothing site that just happens to have some of the most beautiful skirts...I'm a sucker for long skirts, and these are lovely. So I might be buying some soon, especialy since they have a massive sale on!

Mum and I got stuck into my room, and cleared all the clothing and random stuff off my floor that's accumulated since i got sick, and vacuumed it. I'm very appreciative, its so nice to have a clean, sort of uncluttered room. The floor is uncluttered, I mean - there is a pile of things to be sorted (mostly books) by my desk, which i will sort out in the morning, and a pile of boxes under my desk, which I will sort out this weekend (into plastic crates to go into storage) and ltos of stuff on my desk and chest of drawers/dressing table that will also go into storage or get put somewhere useful. My desk is going to go hide in storage too - I dont need it, and it is just accumulating junk and dust at the moment. when I move it from my room I will be able to see out the (almost) floor to ceiling windows that run along most of that wall, looking out over the valley. Lots of trees, and sky. And if I have my curtains open in the evening, the sunset make my (bright fuschia with metallic gold sponging over the top) room glow. So I can't wait.

I'm very tempted to get Greg to make me a dark stained low table, and to get some bright blue or similar floor cushions, and put them over by the window. Then I can sit in the sun with a cup of tea and read or stitch. Sounds nice!

So all in all today has been quite a good day. Hopefully tomorrow will be similar.

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