Saturday, June 14, 2008

Practicing silence is good...

...but I am not good at it. Working on it. Kyriaki and silence do not usually find themselves in the same sentences, but oh well.

The last few days have been fairly uneventful, except for cleaning my room up a lot (I'll vacuum tomorrow and hopefully it will be liveable again and my doctor won't yell at me) and knitting a stupid amount. I should get a photo of my sock - it's my first one ever and i'm knitting it top down and have got to just the straight knitting around the foot now, the heel's all done. It's a lot of fun! I get really impressed looks from people for knitting on four double points, very funny.

I sat down and watched a crazy amount of Gankutsuou which I totally fail at spelling and had to look up! It's an anime based on the story of the Count of Monte Cristo, which I loved. The ending's different though - I'm not finished it yet, got one dvd to go, but it's gone beyond the 'canon' novel stuff now. I loooove Haydée, who is much more likeable in this version than in the books. Maybe she's just harder to 'see' in book form. Isn't she cute?

I wanted better photos but they're hard to find :( The 'unchained melody one' is now my desktop, in much bigger form.

While I watched that, the news, an episode of Rosemary and Thyme and part of the first Narnia movie I stitched. Here's my icon:

13th June 08

It's growing! I've filled in most of the holes that were left in the corner now, and I've started work on the inner 'arcs' which form the background, it's just very shaded. Good fun.

Anyway it's freezing cold and 2:23 am so I better go sleep. It's also the Saturday of Souls - may the Lord grant rest to the souls of His servants who lie asleep in all the world.


Karan said...

The icon is growing well. :0)
Is the Narnia film any good? Haven't managed to watch one yet.

Rachel said...

I love knitting socks!! Only finished one pair, but I have my yarn, needles and pattern for pair #2. It's going to be done with Tofutsies. Softest sock yarn you've ever felt. Wonderful stuff. Pretty colors too.

Prince Caspian is even BETTER than Lion, Witch and Wardrobe.

Cathy said...

Great progress on your icon. I will enjoy watching your progress.