Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hmm, everything aches

Seriously. This is beyond a joke. Everything hurts! It's my own fault, I am beyond exhausted. Given that I am always fatigued, when I get tired I get really tired. And this...this is nuts. I better start looking after myself or I'm going to get stuck in bed and Jeremy and Pater will yell at me. Okay, Pater never yells. I'm sure he'd do something that would have the same effect! Probably be very disappointed in me. That'd be worse than yelling. Anyway, that'd give me incentive to get my room cleaned up - I don't want anyone visiting me sick with my room in its current state.




Today was rather lovely, otherwise. I got up, decided that I wasn't going to wear the same thing I've worn to Church for the last two months, and pulled my good black pants and black and white kimono-dress-top-thing out. It's the length a lot of girls wear as a dress with tights, but I wear it over pants! Strictly speaking I should wear a dress or skirt to, it's just long enough to satisfy me. Probably not the yiayias, but there weren't any at the Church I was at today :) It was nice to wear something different, to be dressed up nice. I put my hair up too, and it stayed up, much to my delight.

I drove to Church and didn't crash into anything, so that was good. I've never driven that route before so it was something different. I dislike changing lanes on the major roads immensely but I'll have to get used to it since there's a lot of it on these roads that I have to take to get to both my Churches. We weren't late, even though we were there late, and I was there with Huwaida and we looked at all the icons which are new around the Church. They're about A3 I think and in frames along the side walls. The ones I remember are Christ giving Communion to the Apostles, the Theotokos (Virgin Mary) with all the Old testament Saints around her (so Jeremy and Daniel are happy), and the Bridegroom icon of Christ. Church started and went by in its usual blur - so quick even though it's quite a long time.

We had coffee afterwards, I talked to Father for a minute or two, and he told me he got an icon of St Kyriaki with all the others that he will show me next week. COOL!

Jeremy got a message on his phone, laughed, and asked me if I wanted to go to lunch somewhere. I asked him if it was my house and he said yup. It was my mum asking, as we were having a roast and needed someone to help eat it! So I drove home, though we stopped at the supermarket for some cream for dessert and Jeremy bought a bottle of wine and we had a lovely lunch and stayed talking for ages, which was nice. Then he left, and Mum watched the football. I came up here and did stuff on the net for a while, then went out to watch the second half of the football and stitch on my icon. Dad came home and there was nothing on tv so we watched another Poirot mystery, and I kept stitching. When I finally put it down a while after the mystery ended this is how it looked:

8th June 08

Steadily the background's being filled in, and the lightest colour is outlining the edge of the border in the top half of what's been done, following the arc. It's hard to see though. The rubies are done, and the sapphire's begun, and there's lots of all the other colours in there too. I'm thinking I'll start filling in the actual picture sometime soon now that I've got a good start on the border. I'm still debating how I'll do that - I think I'll make it up as I go along, like when I started work on the border. Markinch, the icon is St Nicholas, from Solaria Gallery under 'Religious Designs'. I'm loving the designing (the shading is lovely! it almost glows) and the chart is quite easy to follow, though in the border I've traced the lines of the different colours in different coloured coloured pencils to make it easier to plan my stitching. I miss stitches a lot less now!

Now though, I'm tired, and I should go to bed. So you have a picture and an update, and I'm going to rest soon.


Sally said...

Wow, Kyrie, you are stitching up a storm on this piece.

Do take care of yourself. I hope you're feeling a little bit better soon.

Nice progress on the SK too:)

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