Friday, June 20, 2008

Thursday of Pentecost

I had a very full day, out with Nona aka my godmother for those who don't speak Greek. She picked me up from my place, and we headed into the city to the markets to pick up food for dinner - chicken, fish heads and vegies. We also sat down and ate sushi which was delicious. I tried on a pair of pants but didn't buy them, bought a little wooden fan because i've wanted one for forever, and we had a lovely chat to a lady who owned a fruit and veg stall about the fact that Nona is Greek and I'm halfway there! Half in Greek, as usual with these chats. Good fun. Nona also bought a bunch of henna, and 12 bangles from an indian shop for me, they are all different (she got me to pick them out) and they jingle wonderfully. I'll get a photo sometime soon. After doing the shopping we ran a few errands and went back to her house, and I had a history lesson which was good, I'll write more about it later. Lesson over we talked, she made soup, and I paraphrased the book of Job, ate food, and ate the soup. Fishheads make very good soup, it's delicious. And cheap!

We left for the nearby mall because she wanted a massage in the chairs, I got one too, and I got a heatpack that doesn't need heating, which is excellent. We grabbed coffee and headed off to Church for fellowship/study group, which was one less person tonight because apparently we are terrifying and Father ran away interstate, so Jeremy led it and did a very good job. We talked about Pentecost, and I got a bunch of notes which I'll try to type up sometime soon. Good stuff. We got a few extras too which was lovely, all from the Serbian Church, and Dmitri brought me home. Another cool part of today though was that I need a new dress, a winter 'party dress' or gown to go out in since I really don't have one. I mentioned that I wanted to go shopping for one with Jo in passing...and a few hours later, Nona turned up in the kitchen with an armful of chiffon, saying it was from her Aunt's closet and she'd never fit into it. "It" was this:

Nona's dress
A 1970's gown, based on the edwardian 'tea gown' (remember Rose's dress from titanic?), just brushes the floor. Not a thread pulled, not a single mark, and it's designer label too and about a thousand yards of chiffon. Beautiful.

A full circle skirt
It has a double hem, and the overskirt is a full circle skirt. I can't get out of my head that I look like some kind of moth in this photo though! See the roses?

And a curtsey!
It's a very twirling skirt, and I couldn't help spinning and dipping a curtsey. Mum caught it :)

I also have another photo - St Nicholas.
18th June 08
This is from last night, no work got done on it today. The top left section of border is basically done, now I need to start work on the left side, and the top right bit. I've also started work on the inside of the piece, mostly background so far but I started the plaque with Christ's initials. That's the blue thing. It will say the slavic equivalent of ΙC ΧC, ie Jesus Christ, but I don't know slavonic well enough to type them! The background is lovely, but very shaded and time consuming. As usual.

Anyway, it's late. I'm off to bed :) Goodnight all. Καληνύχτα σας!

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Karan said...

Wow, that dress is gorgeous & very much suits you. Sounds like you had a great time too. :0)
The icon is growing nicely.