Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I think I have the flu

Or something! I'm braindead, achy, and generally miserable. But there have been a few things recently that brightened my day :)

I posted on The Wagon and on the HAED BB about the slump I've found myself in with life, let alone stitching, and got some good advice. On The Wagon, the advice was to knit socks - easy, methodical, can do it in bed with my eyes shut - when Mum gets the chance we'll grab some new DP needles and some sock yarn, just ordinary stuff as I'm not really wanting to get into the whole yarn off the net mayhem, I spend enough on stash as it is. The HAED BB brought advice and comfort of a different kind - I mentioned that I had CFS and FMS, and got some wonderful advice and encouragement that helped me see that how I am at the moment is my illness, not me. Some of the replies came in email and PM, some in public comments, all are valued and treasured. Rachel (rachelsparkles) told me about herself and described ME, and what she wrote helped me so much I wanted to say thankyou...so I did, in a sneaky way, and it was nice to do something to make someone else's day.
Some other sneaky fairy sent me an RAK of CC Kuik's Spring, which is just beautiful, see?

I have absolutely no idea who it was, either. Thankyou, secret fairy.

Among the advice was to sit down and just try to stitch, and to think about starting the SK I've had for a few weeks. A different colour pallet can be very useful.

I did 'just sit down and try to stitch' through Amazing Grace (movie, brilliant, saw it in the theatres and watched it again on DVD last night), the news, an episode of Rosemary and Thyme thanks to my mum borrowing the dvds, and Good News Week. When I got done I realised I hadn't taken a photo in a month, and while I hadn't done much in any one sitting I'd done enough for a new photo. So here you are:
2nd June 08

All the new work is in the lower section. The black motif in with the words got most of the background filled in (there was only one row of black before) with leftover black thread from each time I used it in the scene, and most of what's in the scene now is new. Both sheep at the top are now finished, the outline goes to its minimum turning point (heh, too much maths...) and starts going up again, and all those flowers and that nice fat sheep are new. The little orange blob in the sky is another of the little angels, and the brown half-a-thing is a dog. There are two of them, running up the hill. With the exception of the last row of white on the fat sheep and the stems of the orange and yellow flowers all the details of this section of grass are done, so I can just fill in the background now. This page is almost done now, except background, so when I do finish the grass I can move the frame sideways to finish the overlapping parts of pages 7 and 8, and have 'killed' another two pages. It's lovely having the scene there, just makes everything so different.


Chiasmata said...

I'm glad you received some great adivce. There's some very intelligent and helpful stitchers out there on the boards. And very generous too. :)

I love the little sheeps!

Karan said...

Stitchers are the kindest people I know. :0)
Great progress on Job.