Monday, June 09, 2008

Yep, it all still aches

I'm weak today too. My arms were shaking as I was holding the q-snaps but I'm stitching in the top left hand corner so I can't put it on the stand to work on it.

Oh well, I got a bit of work done - see?

9th June 08

Mostly filling in the darker colours in the background though there's some light stuff too. The border edge is getting more and more defined. I'm definitely thinking about starting to fill in the inner shading, at least, ready to start the inside.

I got another 55min towards my driving log tonight too as I went up to get my sister from her boyfriend's place. It was a weird trip - much singing along loudly to Godspell, the car was shaking weirdly but it settled down, we found a bag of oranges on the road in the middle of nowhere (looked like they fell off someone's truck), and we saw a koala who was quite happily sitting next to the road. We stopped to look, and he stayed for a while, then headed for the spindliest tree he could find and climbed it! There were all these big thick ones, contrary thing.

Other than that, today's been very uninteresting. More like a Saturday than a Monday as it was a public holiday, but Saturdays have Church and today didn't, more's the pity.

Oh, I forgot to add. Last year I made a dress for Caitlin, my godsister. At the time, it didn't fit, which was irritating as I usually try stuff on to check the drape and she and I are a similar size. I borrowed it to check how I'd done the neck (I'm making a copy for my sister) and on a whim tried it on - and it fit! So I've lost a lot of weight. That's not a good thing, but fitting into the dress is fun. See?

And from the back/side:

Yes, my hair is messy. Sorry. How cute are the sleeves? It's meant to be medieval-esque, yes I know full well it isn't period in the slightest!

The table in the back matches - the cloth is made from an offcut from this dress. That's my icon corner, where it is for now. When I get my bigger icons I'll shift it all to my bedroom but it takes rearranging my room and that's not happened yet. I have more wall space in my room :)

On the table are small icons of Christ and the Theotokos (Mary), an angel that Jo gave me for my baptism and a candle in a candleholder with Psalm 117 on it that Troy's brother made me for Christmas a few years ago. There's also a palm cross, and tucked in behind in the lower level is an olive branch from Palm Sunday, holy water, oil from Holy Wednesday, a bowl with incense and more wax in it for the candles, and a box that holds my incense that was a gift from a lady at my parish. On the shelf are varying prayers and small icons that aren't mounted yet. The calendar is my parish calendar - the icon is of the Church's patron Saint, and rather than normal dates each day has the more important few Saints remembered on that day, and the fasting days are highlighted in pink. It's a good reference!

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Karan said...

The colours in the icon piece are lovely - it's going to be stunning when completed.
Gorgeous dress, it suits you. Like your new skirt too. :0)
You do so much - hope you're taking things easy & getting some rest in there (((((hugs))))).