Thursday, November 29, 2007

I cans drive? I can!!

Yep, I've got my Ls again. For non-Aussies, that means I've passed the first test on the way to getting my full license. I get to drive, now, as long as there's a driver with their full license in the car, and I don't go above 80km/hr. Oh and I can't have been drinking, but that's really not an issue most of the time! Now when I've passed certain competence-y things and done 50hours of driving, they'll let me have the next stage, where I get to drive on my own and drive up to 100km/hr, but still can't drink, and stuff.

Yay, it's nice to be working towards a bit more independence. I can't afford a car of my own, but the parents will probably let me borrow theirs sometimes, and it'd be easier than having to steal lifts off of people to get everywhere.

Stitching progresses, slowly. It's been hot, and I've been tired. All the work recently has been on the fairy'n'frog, and the left mushroom actually looks like a mushroom now (has the cap done, so the stalk is begun) and she's got another sleeve and the beginning of a hand now. I'm just starting work on the bodice for the row, which will be nice - lots of block stitching, much less confetti! It's been confetti city recently. I've also been contemplating the Historic Countries sampler, which I think I need to get out again. I miss it. I just got so fed up with the Germany part, those motifs were starting to get to me. Some over-two work will be a nice change, and the specialty stitches in part 2 sound like fun!

I'm off to church on Sunday...with my family, and with my old pastor and his son Tait (a good friend of mine) which will be FUN. I'll probably get a bunch of the questions on why we kiss *everything* and stuff...but it'll be good. I need to cook something to take with me for Sunday night, too - we're having a 'fasting dinner'. Basically, us fellowship group (we can't call it a youth group, I'm one of the youngest there and the oldest is 50 or so) decided that we needed to get together for a meal again, but it's the Nativity fast so no pizza. So, us enterprising young folks decided we'd each bring something we *can* eat, and it'll be potluck style. Yum, Greek food. No complaints here, especially if someone brings dolmades. I love dolmades!

I feel bad for neglecting this blog, but I guess these things happen. Forgive me, folks :)

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