Monday, November 05, 2007

More photos

Well first I have my sister's cat + Felicity (the AG doll)'s bed:

And also, JOB after my SAL with Tash got resurrected :D
JOB 5th November 07
I'm almost done with part 2, just the bonsai tree to do. And when I've started work on part 3 proper (not just the frame, which is 3/4 done) I'll fill in the rhodes stitches in part 1 because they'll no longer be in the way of my hoop.

I'd forgotten that hoops can actually be useful things! But this really doesn't fit on my q-snaps in any kind of satisfying way, and using a hoop works very well. I have a feeling that if I dont have a big frame by the time I get past the borders of the ginormous q-snap that I currently have Mystery X on I'll be using a hoop for that, too, and beading the last parts by hand. That's why I haven't beaded anything for the North house - just in case!


Sally said...

JOB looks lovely so far Kyrie:)

Thanks for commenting on my blog and for signing up for my PIF. I'm looking forward to doing this:)

Love the cat bed!

Sally said...

I forgot to say can you email me your snail mail addy please? My email is in my profile.