Saturday, November 03, 2007

Goals for November

I'm starting to get worried with this whole goal-setting thing. I keep changing what I'm working on!

Anyway, here's time to face the music.

Last month:
Stitchy goals:
  • Finish part 1 of Historic Countries Sampler nope, have barely worked on it
  • Finish part 2 of above see above
  • Finish pages 1&2 of A Restful Night (carryover from last month) have barely touched it
  • Make progress on one other WIP This one I got! Lots of progress on Mystery X
Life goals:
  • Attend DL at least twice on Sundays Every week
  • Make the spidery gift Still no. I need to print out the logo, and we don't have a printer - argh.
  • Get all my clothes AWAY and pack the heavy winter ones in boxes for the summer Progress has been made, but it's slow
  • Finish godsister's dress on time Yes, very yes!
  • Make a bag for church Nope, too busy
  • Buy damask fabric for a new semi-circle skirt for church Yes!
  • Finish green dresses Nope, too busy
This month:
Stitchy goals:
  • Finish North house on Mystery X
  • Make progress on West house
  • Make significant progress on another WIP
  • Join back in with Tash on JOB SAL
Life goals:
  • Finish Nikki's nieces' dresses
  • Make damask skirt
  • Finish green dresses
  • Attend church as often as possible
  • Read and note The Orthodox Way
That should keep me out of mischief, I hope!

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