Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Row Nine

...is done! My fairy no longer looks quite so...nude, and I'm getting so close to starting the froggy. I can't wait!
Here she is:
Row 9, 20th November 07
13,500 stitches done so far. The next row of blocks goes over the page, so when I get it done I can say that I've got 2 pages done (and met my half-yearly goal, woohoo) which will be good, to say the least. Not working on it now though, Dance of the Graces is calling my name instead. So Im off to immerse myself in yummy browns.


Sally said...

Wow you are making fantastic progress on her Kyrie! She is beautiful.

Laural said...

Great progress! You will definitely make your half year goal! I have a feeling that I won't make mine considering I haven't worked on it in months.

Rachel said...

Yeah, I haven't been so great at keeping my stitching blog caught up the last couple of months. But then again I also haven't been doing as much stitching as usual. That'll all change come January though. I'm going to do a post there right now!