Monday, December 03, 2007

December goals

Hm, goals. I'm starting to hate these things, as life seems to interfere.

Last month:
Stitchy goals:
  • Finish North house on Mystery X Nope. Discovered that I needed to put it on a scroll frame. THEN discovered I need to tension the frame on the sides...
  • Make progress on West house Yes, I think.
  • Make significant progress on another WIP QS A Restful Night. Yes!
  • Join back in with Tash on JOB SAL Yes, but I won't count it as a completed goal. I did, but I keep forgetting! I'm horrible at remembering that it's Monday.
Life goals:
  • Finish Nikki's nieces' dresses No, because she's uncertain about some things and I don't want to make the dresses only for the girls to grow out of them first.
  • Make damask skirt No...not this one either.
  • Finish green dresses More or less finished one, but it needs hemming.
  • Attend church as often as possible Yes yes YES!
  • Read and note The Orthodox Way Ahahahahahahahahaha. Um. *cough* I started. It's taking me much longer this time around.

This month:
Stitchy goals:
  • Finish row 10 of A Restful Night, and achieve my HAED half year goal
  • Finish row 11 of above
  • Sort out tensioning stuff for Mystery X, make progress (and take photos every day I work on it)
  • Remember to SAL with Tash
Life goals:
  • Read and note TOW to the end of chapter 5
  • Attend Church as often as possible
  • Get my paws on an icon of St Kyriaki if at all possible
  • Work on sorting out my room
  • Make a pattern for a skirt like my white&gold one that the rats ate, and make one
  • Enjoy Christmas
  • Try not to spend too much on gifts, or get caught up in commercialisation
  • Remember the *real* meaning of Christmas

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