Tuesday, November 06, 2007

PIF and exhausted

Well, I finally got my (massive) American Girl order in. I think we kind of scared the CS lady...oh well :) Stupid having to do it over the phone...oh well. So now I'm stalking the mailman for a few reasons!

Can't wait, it will be good to get an AG order again. Then I'll be counting the days to Christmas - I get to open *my* stuff but the Julie stuff is all hidden away until Christmas day. Oh well, I'd have a few cute outfits for each of my girls and the most adorable pair of shoes... that'd keep me happy.

Sally's hosting a Pay it Forward on her blog, and I signed up for it, so now it's my turn! Basically, it goes like this: First three people to comment and say they want to be in will receive a package from me sometime in the next year with a handmade (most probably stitched) gift and maybe something extra ;) So, come on - sign up!

I also saw Across the Universe tonight, and it was brilliant. Go see it.

Now, I am going to go pass out!

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