Monday, November 19, 2007

Turning Nocturnal

Or at least that's what I want to do! It was 35*C today and too hot. We don't have air conditioning, and I don't have a car. Well, technically we do have air conditioning. It doesn't currently work. So I slept as late as I could, and then lay on my bed being a pancake a lá my rats until the hotness went away. Their attitude seemed to be something like that - I am going to be a furry puddle and sleep until it GOES AWAY. So I filled their water bowl, and added ice cubes. Which lead to much curiosity, and squeaking at the cold! Champagne hoarded ice cubes down the bottom of the cage, and kept nibbling at them and then being surprised by the coldness. Intelligence was never exactly her forte - she's blonde in colour and in the proverbial intelligence factor. We love her to bits, but she has the attention span of a goldfish! She was so upset when they all melted too...

That was the cuteness for today. Once it got cooler I migrated to the living room, to watch tv and then eat dinner (smoked salmon sandwiches because we couldn't be bothered cooking), and settle down to my stitching. I've been working on A Restful Night and she's looking lovely, the row is almost finished except for about 25 stiches on the final mushroom, and then going back to frog about 20 stitches (all the same colour so no real drama) at the beginning, then I'll have a photo for you all! Her sleeves were a pain (fifty zillion shades of pale, pale blue) but they look lovely, and I'm very proud of her. All the same, I'm starting to get tired of her so I'm going to put her away for a little while when I finish this row, to work on either Dance of the Graces or Mystery X. The Historic Countries sampler needs to come out for some love too at some point, but I'm not really in the mood at the moment.

It will be Dance of the Graces tomorrow, anyway, as I'm waiting to work on Mystery X until Mum brings home the tapestry frame someone's lent me and gave to her at school...which she's been forgetting for the past week or so. It's just too big for q-snaps now. Part of me (the crazy part) is actually wondering if Dance of the Graces would do well on a tapestry frame...we'll see. At the moment she's in a hoop, and staying there! I'd really like to do some major progress on the background, I think I've figured out a plan of attack. Now that I've done most of the detail bits within the background, it should go quick, and I can sort out the far corner section for this row and post a picture. It's lovely, such gorgeous browns.

I've started a wordpress blog for the spiritual/church side of things, too, if anyone's interested. Most people come here for the stitching, so I'm not at all offended if you're not interested, but I thought I'd let people know here just in case. The blog's at, and it's from a decided Eastern Orthodox perspective :) I'm having fun.

I think that's all that's interesting here in my world - nothing much happened today at all! I do have a lot in the way of doll photos though, as I got a nice big box from American Girl, so I might post a few photos later. Maybe :)

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Sally said...

Hi Kyie! It's really cold in the UK! I love winter. It's my favourite season of all. I'd hate the heat that you're having right now.

I'm looking forward to seeing A Restful Night. I bet she's looking beautiful.