Monday, November 05, 2007

Hit by a Truck

I still feel like I have been. It will pass, it will. In the meantime I need to rest!

I got quite a bit done on Mystery X yesterday, after staring at it and not wanting to work on it. I just started work on the Western house instead, and I'm going to do the three not-North houses in the parts they're supposed to be done in, with the exception of where it's logical to do the little bit more (ie the top little rows on the walls, etc) I'll take a photo soon.

I've also been rinsing and drying the silks for Convents Herbal Garden, and if I'm not careful I see a new start on the horizon. I've got no problem with starting it though, it's beautiful and I've had the kit patiently waiting since February.

Nikki came to visit yesterday, and so did Tessa, which was nice. Didn't see Jeremy, but he had good reason, and I'll see him Thursday night anyway.

And Friday is the feast day of St Nectarios', patron Saint of one of my churches! So massive festival to be had by all, and then a dinner that night for the *other* church. Hoo boy :) Sounds like fun to me, much food. I approve of food!

Anyway, I'm supposed to be working on JOB for the SAL with Tash today. I'm going to try in a hoop today and see how I go. I will find a way to get this done!

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