Sunday, April 01, 2007

Goals for April

Right. I'm very not good at this goals thing, I think. I'm going to try and be reasonable this time, though I do have the holidays - two weeks of stitching, yay!

Last Month:

  • catch up the Mystery, with part 3 done - almost. Pretty much just need the beading done, now, and I might attack that today.
  • stick to the new rotation - eh, heh! I think I'm rotation impaired.
  • stitch along with Tash when I get my JOB stuff - yes! Once, because that's the only chance I've got to do so.
  • not start anything new except JOB - nope, started the tranquility mystery, but no new starts now for a long time.
  • stitch in the HAED QS SAL with periwinkle at least twice this month - yes, second and fourth weeks
  • stitch in the 2nd weekend SAL with From the Ashes - yep, and achieved more than I expected.
  • experiment with cross country on From the Ashes - yep - great! I'll continue this way.
  • think about getting new fabric for frogs...anna and waychie (who have actually seen them), do you think they're worth starting over on jobelan with white silk? Or should I just stick with them as they are? - ordered, a pearly grey. It's in the mail.
  • not buy ANYTHING else! - fail. mystery. but at least it wasn't expensive...
  • keep my room relatively clean - lol. um.
  • actually pray my rosary at least once each week - nope, which annoys me.
  • get fabric together for quilt for school (find it all!) - still planning, so we'll see.
  • get fabric for quilt that's still needed (solid colour fabrics) - see above
  • keep up to date with school - yep, all up to date.
  • try to get to bed at a reasonable hour each night - yes and no. No 3am crashes at least.

This Month:


  • catch up part 3 (almost done) and part 4 (small) of mystery X
  • get stuck into hope and try to get at least something done!
  • stitch on from the ashes during the SAL
  • participate in at least 2 QS SALs
  • keep up to date with the tranquility mystery
  • get everything set up for taking my dragon to school and working on him there
  • clean and archive my room
  • get blankets and sheets for my birthday present - yay for practical presents, and yay for my parents!
  • enjoy my and Troy's birthdays
  • get everything together for Troy's present by his birthday!
  • try and stitch every day
  • enjoy the holidays

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