Friday, April 20, 2007

SBQ and today's to do list

Are you on "The Wagon?" If so, how long have you been on and how
"serious" are you about it? If not, have you considered it?

Yes, I am. Troy put me there, and won't let me off until either I finish a BAP or he gets to buy a sword...yes, I'm marrying a geek. And yes I said sword. At least he has decent taste in them, some of the ones he likes are really pretty. They're just expensive - $500ish US!!

How serious? Well, I'm determined to get a few things FINISHED, and I really need to stop buying stash. So my exemptions are that I can use birthday money, and that I can buy gifts or things necessary for completion of already owned projects. So I can buy floss for current projects, and it also means I can kit up/buy fabric for charts I already own, but Troy's the failsafe - I have to ask him first! It saves me a lot of money...goodness knows I have enough charts kitted up and I haven't got anywhere near starting them. It is fun to kit though. At least I have Periwinkle Fae who will be done soon-ish given how fast she's stitching up, and a QS to stitch for my friend Meg (QS Cat Nap Fae - awesome, means I get to stitch that adorable chart twice since I want it too, and she picked the chart) and QS Red Witch already kitted up so it will keep me busy, and allow new starts periodically.

I need to make a To-Do list for today, a few things really need doing. This way I can post my progress! Hey, it works for stitching (and some of this is stitching related)
  • finish the beading on part 3 of mystery X (#$*&#*#*$ lol) - done!
  • enjoy finally starting part 4
  • stitch something on Tranquility Mystery
  • stitchbow-ify the last few threads for periwinkle fae QS
  • organise my projects into little bags of their own
  • raid the house for calico bags for ^
  • spend at least some time in my room consolidating the chaos (I cant walk in there at this point in time)
  • go through clothes with Troy and get rid of anything that doesnt fit/I wont wear
  • ditto shoes

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