Sunday, April 01, 2007

What I've been up to

Well, got the tranquility mystery printed out and started, with one of those elements of the purple motif done. I need to get stuck back into and get the rest done, but I really really need to get the chatelaine done so the tranquility mystery can wait and get done sometime this weekend.

Martina released Part 4 of Mystery X early this month, and it's gorgeous - another small part, which I am glad of, because I'll be able to get caught up and get something done on my poor neglected other projects. More crystals for this part too, which is fun - even though I don't put mine on until the end I can put them on the fabric and enjoy the sparkliness.

Part 3 is almost done - I might get it finished this afternoon, we'll see. I would like to get the stitching done this weekend anyway, even if not the beading - beading can be done while watching tv this week. And then those gates - yay!

JOB will be out on monday again as well, which will be fun, I'm enjoying that tree.
I'm looking forward to seeing Tash's progress too.

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