Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Beading! Gak! And other things.

I've been working on my mystery X wip...and the beading keeps going and going and going...
See? This has the beading a little more than half done...
part 3 WIP - 10th April

I stitched the beads in the outside borders all in the same direction, but even when I sacrificed four beads on each side it still buckles, so I'm thinking about unstitching them and restitching them.

I also did some more work on Japanese Octagon Box for my SAL with Tash and got some more border and some more grass done - but the colours looked strange, and I went on the board only to discover that there are two colour keys and I was using the wrong one - didnt have the first one - and the group has been deleted! Ack. I think I will be begging Martina soon... Anyway I went from there to working on the border a little bit, but I didn't get as much done this week as I would have liked.
10th April

Tranquility Mystery has the first part done now too:
Page 1

I've started the next page, but no photos of that yet - I want to try and get it finished on time this time!

From the Ashes is on the frame this weekend coming too, for the Challenge SAL - it will be good to get into it again.

Oh and I got the fabric for my restart of Froggy Frog World too - 32ct Carol's Meadow Jobelan by Silkweavers. Should be fun, it's gorgeous fabric.

And I got a birthday present too...from Peta (Troy's mum) who is an excellent future MIL :) she has a beautiful needlecase that she made and I've been envious of it since I first saw it, all beaded crazy patchwork with pockets.

Imagine my surprise to open an early birthday present that was this:
open once
Inside closeup


Salilouisa said...

Lovely progress on MX.

For the key on the Octagon box, you have the new key which has NPI 152 as the star symbol. For the old key, take the four greens (152, 155A, 156, 159) and rotate the symbols upwards in the list so that the star symbol is all the way at the bottom for 159, the triangle has moved up to 152, the upside down T to 155A, the circle with a spot to 156.

Hope this helps.


Cindy said...

Your Mystery X is looking wonderful :)

Very nice present!

Hazel said...

mystery is looking great! so intricate.