Thursday, April 26, 2007


Firstly, and most importantly:

it is RAINING! PROPERLY! for someone in the middle of the worst drought australia has seen EVER, this is absolutely wonderful.


Okay, stitching. I've finally finished page 2 of the Tranquility Sampler, and here it is:
Page 2
YAY all that red thing is done - at least for that page.

Also stitched on JOB for my SAL with Tash, though I forgot it was Monday (oops) and stitched it on Tuesday instead:
23rd April
I've finished all the cross stitching for the panel, and have started adding the details. The bird is incredible, and the picture does not in any way do it justice, amd the pine cones and everything are pretty awesome too. This whole piece is so awesome - Martina is a genius. It's going to be so great to have it done and displayed!

And stitched on my lovely Periwinkle too, and gave her part of a wing - there are sparklies, but they're not very obvious.
25th April

Now that it's raining and it's a lazy day (I woke up at 12.30) I'm going to settle back with some Strawberry Rooitea and stitch on the sampler a bit. I like all of the motifs on this page, except the last bit of red which I am in the process of finishing up, so it should be fairly quick and enjoyable.

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Michelle said...

Your WIPs all look fantastic. You're right, the bird and pinecones on JOB are amazing - I bet they are even more so in person.