Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Two Chatelaine updates

I've got two pictures this time!

One is my Japanese Octagon Box which I am SAL-ing with Tash on, and this is my progress over the weekend - my first tree, with all its branches:

26th March

And here is Mystery X, almost half done, except for the beading. I will do that at the end - I just did one section to see what it will look like! I couldnt get a good close-up picture though, sorry about that. They just turn up blurry due to the amount of glitz. The beaded flowers look like butterscotch - its all a bit easter egg coloured isn't it!

27th March

I'm thoroughly enjoying it, and happily adding flowers. Now to get it done before the 1st so I'm up to date!


Tash said...

Wow, Mystery X looks fantastic!! I haven't even finished part 2 of mine, so I've got some catching up to do.

Great start on JOB, what colour fabbie are you using? I forgot to SAL on Monday, so I'll join you next Monday :)

Hazel said...

Very nice work on your mandala.