Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas and stuff

Well, it's over and done with for another year. Yay!

I'll type up a 'what i got' type post later, but this one is about stitching in the new year.

As it stands, here's what I'm looking at.

Beginning of every month:
Mystery X (Chatelaine)

Second weekend of every month (May interrupt Mystery X):
HAED BB SAL - Phoenix Rising, Teri Rosario

  • Hope Angel Virtue (HAED)
  • Noon Basking (Dracolair)
  • Periwinkle Fae (HAED)
  • Froggy Frog World (HAED)
two major pracs and any other stuff I do for it.

looks like a fairly good year of stitching - oh and did I mention I want to do a double wedding ring quilt for Troy and my bed? Yeah that too. Spare time? What is this thing you speak of *grin*

I love being busy.

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