Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Stash and stitchers and squee!

I caught up with Rachel and Anna today - hello!

That was fun. Much talking and stitching and fabric, thankyou so much again for catching up with me.

I may just have been converted to 32 count jobelan...Anna's giving me a piece to try 1x1 on and if I am then I'll do my From the Ashes on it, her stitching is so tiny and neat! Very inspiring. And yes, Anna, your stitching IS neat.

And I got a present for my engagement/christmas - STASH! Which came just at the right time, given I've now been forcibly put on The Wagon by Troy. All these beautiful counts of fabric to play with...yum... see below for picture. And a pair of scissors that look like an oil slick. And lots of needles. And some needlethreaders. And YAY! Thankyou again gals.

Was so nice to catch up with likeminded people and actually see someone that isn't me with an HAED chart in their hand...and q-snaps that weren't mine...and other people who are crazy enough to stitch over one!

*big satisfied smile*

oh and Anna - my sister's camera (that I take most of my photos with) is an olympus. I haven't even seen it and I know it is, I just had a mental blank before.


fudgey said...

what gorgeous stash , you lucky girl, what sweet angels you met up with..
i love 1x12 on 32 c jobelan it sits beautifully
whare did the fabs come from??

kizmet-kitten said...

All of those are from countrystitch - from L->R they are:
an unlabeled kiwi illusion (32ct linen), 28ct Toitoi linen, 32ct Kowhai linen, 32ct Dusty Night linen and 32ct Paua jobelan.
And the one at the bottom is a sparkly, 32ct Sparkles lugana.

Lots of fun things to pet and play with!

pethair-xstitcher said...

Lucky girl, those colours look good enough to eat and you will love the effect of the 32 count fabric, it is so neat and tight looking. You should have lots of fun now matching it up with charts!
Congratulations on a super haul...nice to have friends who are also into your hobby!