Monday, December 04, 2006

I just stabbed my finger I put my needle down for the night. Fair's fair, it's 12:21.
I've finished the flower for this section now, and am now working on the frond on the right hand side, which I have alwayus seen as the most boring (except maybe that entirely sparkly last page) part of this project, it's narrow with only a few murky colours. It looks good in the scheme, it's just fiddly and murky. I much prefer the purples *smile* oh well, 350ish stitches for the day is pretty good given I've been to church twice in there and I'm sick, too. Which is why I'm still up...*rolls eyes* yeah I have issues, I'll go to bed soon. I had nightmares last night, and I think I'm procrastinating because of that.

It was the first sunday of Advent this year, the sunday of Prophecy. We lit the first purple candle in our wreath today, and the readings were from Isaiah ("unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given...) and Luke (the Annunciation), and it was good. I love advent! I think Advent and Easter are my favourite seasons of the church year, something about the preparation seasons is just fun.

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