Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Argh! Glitter!

Now I remember why I was going argh glitter last time...

500 stitches of solid glitter (give or take about 3 non-glitter stitches) down, 400 to go. *whimper*
At least I'll only have one more 10x10 row of this solid glitter nonsense on the fourth page after this, after that I get to start on a flowerbud - still lots of glitter, but at least a bit of colour to break up the monotony.

On the upside, I've got the last bits of colour done now for this 10x10 row, which means I'm very close to quota for my rotation and I get to move on to the angel soon. Yay! I haven't stitched on linen in just about forever, so it will be a welcome change. Which reminds me, I really do need to do something about buying fabric for my dragon re-start.

I'm going to get a bit of a change of scenery tomorrow, going into the Uni with Dad while he works on science-y stuff and has fun with algebra and I sit in a corner and stitch. I'm taking the frogs with me, to finish the glitter, and my angel to pick up again. Should be good. This page (50 rows across two pages) has the rest of her face, and I get to start her dress down to her waist and that beautiful green scarf. Looking forward to it. I also get to finish all that we see of the extreme left and right of the circle befor the wings cover it up, which will also be very cool. Lots of sparkle in the wings, but tasteful sparkle. The sparkle in the dress is still bothering me but I'm thinking I'll be good and go with the recommended here - I was worried about the sparkle in Froggy Frog World too and apart from it annoying me every now and then in terms of the stitching of it, it looks fantastic. It will be very good to see her face! I can't wait.

We're headed to see Terry after that..., which means sitting in a waiting room for me but given I shouldn't be juggling the qsnaps of doom (17wx8h) and trying not to hit people and still mark my chart by then (a la last week) I think I'll be fine.

Got new candleholders and taper candles for the advent wreath today, which I am very pleased with - our other ones were so cheap and nasty..ugh. This year I have the proper colours (royal blue and rose) and these beautiful silver snowflake taper holders! I'll take a photo tomorrow and post them, I'm so proud. I also got a glass dish for the centre Christ candle, which gives it a bit of height and just makes the whole thing look a little nicer. I don't like greenery on advent wreaths, I'm always afraid it will catch alight, so I just put candles in holders on a platter instead. It works and it still looks nice. I liked some others that I saw (frosted glass, and you turn them two different ways to hold tapers or tea lights) but the snowflakes stole my heart, even though they're not very Australian christmas. Oh well, they're lovely.

Troy's got a job trial tomorrow for a computer company in Barker, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers, please. Fingers crossed!

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