Monday, December 11, 2006

More stash & small world

HAED has had a sale on the last week or so, and I finally got around to ordering a few. Troy said I could have five full size charts, but with a wishlist like mine it took me forever to choose! Here's what I got:

Sara Butcher:

Meredith Dillman:

Teri Rosario:
From The Ashes

I'd like to stitch Truth and Temptation next to one another, or framed individually but hung together. And From the Ashes is so perfect for me that I couldn't help but get it.

My next HAED BAP will still be Flight of Fish Fancy but From the Ashes is calling my name. Oh well, I'll love it and tuck it away. One of these days I'm going to have to add another slot to my rotation aren't I...hmm. Not for the next six months anyway. I can't afford to kit anything, we're saving our pennies now. I'll have a chatelaine to keep me happy, and I can work away at my other WIPs.

I've been working on Hope the last few days in between squee-ing and being too tired to do much - the excitement's making it hard to get to sleep, and I didn't sleep well most of last week. Early night tonight - I'm already dressed for bed and I'm just lying on the couch typing this before I head to bed. The confetti in her hair is driving me batty, and I'm getting irritated at the threads splitting and it's hard to count at the moment as well. The same thing happened the last few times I've had to work on her hair too...sigh. I think it's all the similar colours being confetti - looks wonderful but is horrific to stitch! I'm going to settle down and attack it again tomorrow, and hopefully I'll get it out of the way soon so I can get back into stitching the wings - they may be confetti but at least they're straightforward!

We have an engagement party tentatively planned for February, and Carole is doing us a cake and matching it to my dress - go me, who else has a $3000-a-cake wedding cake designer do their engagement cake? Should be great to see.

And I ran into Anna, an HAED BBer (nutsedge) - in my bank! She's one of the tellers there and recognised my email address when I changed my account around a bit (and got higher interest) which was really quite odd but very cool nonetheless. We chatted and giggled a bit which I think weirded out some of the people standing in line, but oh well it was great fun!

Anyway I found Periwinkle, so she'll hop back on the q-snaps when I make my goal on Hope so I can finish this page, before I get back to the frogs again. I really need to go up to cherubs and get the fabric for my dragon, but otherwise everything's organised for stitching - just waiting on the Chatelaine kit. I want it already - want to feel the silks and drool over colours and wonder at what the garden will look like.

It's 13 days until Christmas, 15 until our 3.5 year anniversary (which seems a little unimportant but oh well) and 19 until the new year. Wonder what 2007 will bring?

I got into all my courses for Year 12, which I'm pleased about. Now I just need to sort out pre-reading, stationary and a uniform and I'll be set. My subjects are Modern History, Maths Studies, English Studies and Craft Practical (YEAH! - they thought they might not have the numbers for a class) which should be good. I'd like to do a big sampler-picture for one of my major pracs, tempted to make it a wedding sampler - we'll see. But that will be good.

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