Saturday, December 02, 2006

Advent Kalender & lack of stitching & Dec goals

Yeah a few things in this post.

The chatelaine christmas things are in full swing - the first advent kalender window was to die for (a rather lovely ornament chart) and bingo has started, no words for me though :( yet!

I haven't been stitching much the last couple days, thursday due to health and friday because i did everyone's christmas shopping with mel, which was lots of fun. I am officially in love with Troy's present, but I hope he'll like it even more than I do. I'm thinking of picking up my needle later today though, and getting some work done on the frogs. I've got some spare aida, too, so I think I might grab the necessary fibres (or the ones i don't have anyway - i need to catalogue what I have, including the leftovers from caitlin's things) for the advent kalender piece and stitch it up too, so cute.

My december stitching goals are as follows:
  • to finish this row on froggy frog world (easy one)
  • a page on the angel
  • finish off the page on periwinkle if/when i find her
  • get fabric & work on dragon
  • enjoy my new frame when I get it
  • enjoy chatelaine kit when i get it

I'm not sure where all my rich text options have gone, might have to figure that one out.

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