Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hooray for confetti

I'm much slower working on my angel, but that's okay. I did finally get that hair done, and I've finished that row and got about halfway through the wing section on the next row as well. She's turning out beautifully and that hair was worth it, just incredibly frustrating. The circle has started to curve in again now, which means it's more than halfway done, which is very satisfying indeed.

My ring still hasn't got here from being resized which is annoying me, but that's what I get for having tiny fingers I guess. I'm an (australian) H.5 which makes my fingers the second smallest you can readily get. Yikes.

It cooled down today after being stupidly hot, and dad and I went out to the hot side of town to look at caravans yesterday - we saw one we liked a lot, with curved cupboards and couches and was just generally an inviting place to be. If we get one, I hope we get one like that - I'd actually like to go away in something like that. But in the process I turned an interesting shade of beetroot which worried the salespeople - I overheat very easily due to my ichthyosis and I look hotter than I am, usually. I only really start to worry when I start to get headaches, which are a sign I'm suffering real heat exhaustion, in which case I go find shade and water, quick! I think I stayed that colour most of the day, but oh well.

I took the angel off the stand yesterday to take her in the car travelling and couldn't believe how used to my stand I'd got - my neck and my back ached terribly after about five minute's worth of stitching, and I've only had it a week! Oh well, just shows I need to keep it.

Anyway I'm rambling so I'll post again tomorrow with an updated picture - yay!

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