Thursday, November 02, 2006

Why do I keep picking glittery charts?

5,300 stitches of 8000 (roughly) for this page in, but the rest is confetti, which is alright with a few nice block-ey bits as well to even it out - no such luck, or worse yet GLITTER! I think I need to take out shares in DMC's metallics or kreinik, given I keep buying (and starting) charts with masses of the stuff in them. Why oh why oh why...

In happier news I bought the few threads I was missing and filled in all those holes, so it's a much more polished and rich look and the leaves look beautiful. And I worked down that side that I'd been leaving for goodness knows what reason and gave her some cheek, more hair and a bit of an eye! And that eye just gives me hope.

I'll post a picture tomorrow, showing that I've got all of the fairy done for this page (yay!) and a little more for the next page, due to my obsession with not breaking rows of colour that continue over the page.

Weirdly enough I'm starting to miss my angel, and all the solid colour dmc and lack of expanses of glitter. And I've got another glittery project to get through before I get to her...maybe I should rethink my rotation. Just kidding, but I'll be glad to get through the big blocks of glitter on the frogs too. At least they have more colour than glitter.

Speaking of glitter and frogs, I'm thinking of "frogging" (ha, ha) the glitter on them...I don't like the tension that I got with it and I'm thinking I might use kreinik after all, it's less "white" than the dmc I'm using. The picture I took after the SAL is down the page...anyone that reads this (if there is anyone!) what do you think?


Anonymous said...
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pethair-xstitcher said...

Hi sweetie, I took a look at your work and I think you are doing an awesome job. As pesky as the glitter is, it is what can bring the whole piece to life.
I use Krenik BF and find it easier to use but it is not as easy as plain DMC or silk. Do what you think feels right but never doubt that it is not awesome!