Friday, November 17, 2006

Next year & long term stitching plans

I was chatting to Bec tonight about what I was thinking about doing with stitching in the next year or so, and planning it out over the course of the conversation.

What I was thinking was that I've got the chatelaine to do next year, and that will cost me quite a bit kit-wise, so I can't afford to start many new pieces. I need to get my current ones done, but wasn't sure what to do afterwards. So here's the plan as of today (not including buying very many, if any, charts)

beginning of each month rotation is put aside and chatelaine part is done before any other stitching, then rotation recommences
  1. Medium sized - currently Hope angel, probably Faith next, then Love
  2. non-HAED BAP - currently Noon Basking (needs more fabric), probably Midnight Hunting next (needs chart, fabric and kit - my one major expense)
  3. QS or similar - currently Periwinkle Fae, Red Witch next - maybe Geisha Fae after
  4. HAED BAP - currently Froggy Frog World, Flights of Fish Fancy next
My goals for next year would probably be to keep up with the chatelaine, finish at least two angels, finish restart of Noon Basking and seriously start Midnight Hunting, finish two QS charts and finish Froggy Frog World. I think I'm probably being overly ambitious, but I think if I try hard enough I could do it. We'll see.

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