Tuesday, November 28, 2006

*pokes rotation again*

Okay here's ANOTHER take on it...bad kyrie...
but I needed to make Froggy Frog World have more of a prominant position or Troy will go nuts (it's for him). Besides, I want to see the actual frog part of it!

beginning of each month rotation is put aside and chatelaine part is done before any other stitching, then rotation recommences
Froggy Frog World is focus piece, and 3000 stitches on it (30 rows) is alternated with:
  1. Medium sized - currently Hope angel, probably Faith next, then Love (50 rows across width)
  2. non-HAED BAP - currently Noon Basking (needs more fabric), probably Midnight Hunting next (needs chart, fabric and kit - my one major expense) (amount to be finalised)
  3. QS or similar - currently Periwinkle Fae, Red Witch next - maybe Geisha Fae after (1 page)
I tend to be a bit sneaky anyway and when I get too frustrated with a piece I put it down and move onto the next project, then come back to it and pick it up when I can face it again. It helps, and stops me getting in too much of a slump.

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