Monday, November 27, 2006

Random stitchy things

I've been in the General HAED SAL this weekend, which has been fun though I haven't had as much time to stitch as usual, grr. I did (almost) finish the two little cutesy things for Caitlin (troy's niece) though, including a heckuva lot of backstitching, so I'm pleased with that. I'll try scanning them later, and show them off, when I've got the ? on one stitched (I forgot it) and figured out how to do french knots. Does anyone have a good guide on them? My mum can't do them and I can't figure them out! I need them for the . part of the ?s on the two pieces (they have verses to go with them) and it's bugging me. They're absolutely adorable though, so I'll be proud to give them to her for Christmas.

And we're getting name trees for our this year ornaments! Mum buys my sister and I an ornament each each year, so that we make the tree our own and also we have ornaments for our tree when we're first married and have no money to buy ornaments with. I tend muchly towards angels, of just about any kind (I have cloth ones, wire ones, crystals...) but name trees are just so awesome that I can't pass them up. Mum never got around to getting us one last year so we'll buy one to add this year, but we'll get the trees too and they'll give me a good "car project" for the 9 hour drives to&from my grandmother's place when it's a bit hard to work on a HAED or chatelaine etc. I thought I'd fork out for Troy's as well, so then he and I can have matching ones for our tree one day. Blue for mine (maybe a dinky dye? I'll be lucky...), green for Troys, probably a pale green for Bindi, it'll be her choice anyway. And I thought I'd put the 2006 tree on the back to make it that bit more special.

Mum had periwinkle out to show someone and has misplaced it somewhere in the chaos that is our house currently (missing half our carpet/furniture in our living room does that) which is annoying (I was thinking of going back and finishing her off, then coming back to the frogs) but oh well, if I get too sick of the frogs before I finish this section on them (I've almost finished the 2nd row of blocks, yeah!! but I need 3 *sigh*) I'll just swap onto my angel then come back.

Troy's gone home now, so more time to stitch I suppose. I should really get back to it.

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