Sunday, November 05, 2006

Periwinkle Fae Week 5

After consulting the HAED BB I ended up putting her down and moving on to working on my frogs instead, and I figure I'll come back to her and finish the page when it's time to move on from my frogs or when I get sick of working on my frogs, whichever comes first. She has a face and some eye now! So pretty... And that bud on the left is starting to show properly, which is kind of nice. It's good looking at the pictures in here because they make me take that step back from my work and see just how much I've got done. All the fairy's done for this page, just a half open flower (that's what the right stem is for), the rest of that bud, and a very slightly open bud to go on this page. And waaaay too much glitter, but that's okay. It wil get done. I'm actually sort of missing my dragon, so it will be good to get through the rotation to him again. Weird to think I'd miss him, given I worked on him for 11 months straight and almost went nuts!

Periwinkle Fae - (c) Nadia Tate & HAED

Started: 29 September 2006
Total Stitches: 31,350
Stitches Done:
  • 6/10/06 - 1503
  • 13/10/06 - 2655
  • 20/10/06 - 3688
  • 27/10/06 - 4315
  • 3/11/06 - 5310

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pethair-xstitcher said...

Looking great! You certainly have managed to get alot done!