Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You know it's time to put the stitching down

when as you sign into blogger and click on your blog name you notice that you have 336 posts...and automatically think of the DMC thread with that number. Incidentally, there's a lot of 336 in A Restful Night, so I have been around it a lot recently, if that's any defence!

It really hit me the other day that it is week 2 of term 3. I only have this 10 week term and 3 weeks of next term to get all my work done, and some of it the deadlines really can't be extended. Course-work wise I am up to date, for which I am thankful. But I have a math test and an assignment overdue, and at least two more tests by the end of the year as well as a trial exam - they don't stress me too much. I have a history essay I should really get around to doing, since it was due in March (!!!) if I can find the assignment sheet for it, or else email the teacher, and I need to catch up some of the timed essays now that I know I can do them at home. I have a major essay to research and write by the end of the year too, but I know my topic (roughly) so if I narrow it down really soon I should be able to get it done provided I'm reasonably disciplined. I have a trial exam for that too.

But oh goodness. Studies of much as I like the course, I have a mostly AWOL class that I have to try and do group work with, and the assignments make me groan and not want to work on them. The latest one isn't too bad and I just need to grit my teeth and do it, but I'm not feeling inspired. The class drives me nuts, which is a shame - I like the teacher, and the course itself is good.

But I am one and a half assignments behind, and am about to start my major research essay (and don't have any inspiration for a topic) and a major group task...sigh. And there are 8 and a half weeks left of this term. It will happen. That is time enough. But time seems to stand still for me until I have none left.

I need to find a way of motivating myself, especially when I'm feeling this miserable.


Mary said...

Hi Kyriaki!
What I did to get myself motivated to get my classwork done was to provide myself rewards for making it to predetermined points. I would know when I hit these points because I would break down the parts of my projects into pieces... so if I finish a piece of homework or project, I get a reward. It doesn't have to be anything big... eating a piece of candy or favorite fruit/vegie or getting to watch a tv show or buy stash. You could also reward yourself by allowing yourself to post as well as look at blogs. Whatever works for you. Just try to break down the whole task into smaller more manageable parts based on a time deadline you give yourself or is already there.

Good luck! You will do great!

Karan said...

That's great advice from Mary. Looking at the overall view makes it all seem overwhelming, especially when you feel so ill. Start with the easiest & just take it a step at a time & you'll get there. :0)