Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Photos again

I have a bit of everything photowise today.

First, I made the pastitsio last night. It turned out that sister-creature WAS home for dinner, so I did end up making it gluten free. Thankfully it turned out alright. Gluten free pasta is a bit more 'squishy' than normal pasta, but it worked well enough. I burnt the bechamel sauce once because I got distracted making the mince...d'oh! Thankfully it wasn't too badly burned so I quickly scrubbed the pot and started again. It worked the second time. I got a photo of it on the table with the salad - we forgot to buy lettuce, but noone minded. The salad had olives, cucumber, onion, tomato and fetta - yum.

Pastitsio again!

Second, Saturday night was Great Vespers for the feast of St Elias and the Greek Archbishop was in town for it and the Divine Liturgy the next day. So there wasn't Vespers at any of the normal parish churches...there was just one incredible one at St Elias, with about ten priests, the bishop, the archbishop....a bunch of altar boys too, and at least one deacon but I don't remember exactly. Beautiful, and nuts! I *didnt'* get photos of that though I probably should have, but I dressed up a bit more than usual to go and decided to put my hair up properly. I didn't think to get photos before I left, but I decided that given my good skirt is an edwardian design, and the blouse I was wearing was too...I'd do my hair edwardian style. It's long enough, so why not? Mum gave me a hand though, I'm not well enough to have my hands above my head much. It was really windy so its seriously flyaway by the time I got photos but you can sorta see:

edwardian twist 1edwardian twist 2

The second one is probably clearer. The front parts are parted on the side, then twisted and pinned back, and then the rest is twisted up into a bun and pinned above where the twists meet. It's a lot of fun (once you get the hang of it) and it looks really nice when it's not had a windy night attack it. You can sorta see the embroidery on the collar of my blouse in the first photo - I should get a picture of this blouse, I found it in a store I'd never have expected to sell such things, it's fitted with a high neck, "mother of pearl" buttons all down the front, a tiny waist and pintucks, cutwork and white on white embroidery everywhere. It's my best blouse and I love it to pieces.

And...'cause she likes to be in these things, here is Koukla being...herself.

Ready to pounce

I think she was eyeing off my shoelaces at the time :)

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Rosko said...

Very beautiful on the hair. The feast of St Elijah (Elias) will always now be memorable for me because, as you well know, it's when I was recieved into the Church. Glory to God for you, Kyriaki. Keep fighting the good fight.

St Panteleimon, pray unto God for Kyriaki!

-Harry, the kd5tmu of DC