Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I am...

flat, exhausted, weak, tired.

I'm misspelling a lot. I'm sick, and I really need to just admit that. I walked home last night in the drizzle and the cold, for 40 minutes, up a steep hill. With fibromyalgia. Yes, I deserve to be beaten over the head with something, but I'd missed my bus and didn't have a choice really.

The curtains are open and I can see outside even though it is a grey day and that's nice. My dresser is basically clean and I like that, too. It's nice not to have clutter right next to my bed.

But my brain feels like I am thinking through fog and as long as I don't move, nothing hurts. I struggle in this weather because the cold and damp makes me ill. I am tired but not sleepy, and to lie down makes me bored but I am lying propped up on pillows so that I can type this and use the internet.

I need to go talk to my priest about a number of things again it's just a case of managing to do that. It will happen. Perhaps I should call him tonight?

I saw Prince Caspian last night again and enjoyed it the second time, even if every bus that I tried to catch to get there went weird...and I left my umbrella on one of them... c'est la vie. Not having a car or parents to come rescue me kinda sucks. I bought the tickets, Troy bought dinner. Not a bad deal. I suppose now is as good a time as any to mention that we broke up about two months ago... long story but it wasnt working and probably never will. We went to the movies so we could catch us since we hadnt really seen each other in a month. It left me kind of confused though.

The holidays (winter break) coincided with a bunch of very wintery weather, much to my delight (not). I was going to get a lot of schoolwork caught up but mostly I've been sick instead! I plan to do something about it all soon, I'm just giving it time.

My hands ache now too and I'm hungry but everythin in the house would involve me making something, and I can't. So I'll probably grab a handful of something and curl up in bed listening to my new audiobook.

Usually I'm reasonably upbeat in my blog but today I am just too tired.

Edited to add: Totally off topic, but this is hilarious. It's a summary commentary version of Prince Caspian (the movie) and sooo so funny. Quick to read (in script form) and funfun.

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Anonymous said...

you are in my prayers!