Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A little better

Evening always makes things easy, I'm not really sure why.

So I'm now sitting up watching tv and stitching a bit. I've got a few photos for you too :)

Here is what St Nicholas looks like as of the 12th - I took the photos but didn't get around to posting them up!

11th July 08
The icon of Christ is almost done, except the cloud. The cloud is kind of scaring me because there are so many shades of white and grey! I did enough of the background to get across, and now I've started the halo. I need to get some DMC 5284 though, which I haven't been able to find in a store yet and I think I need to buy some online - as far as I can tell its a metallic. There's a gold metallic, too, and Christ's halo gets a border of it as well but I'm not sure whether to add it yet just in case I want to wash the piece when it's done. I'm going to wait until all of the stitches in an area where the metallic is are done first so that the metallic doesn't warp things, I'm somewhat wary of metallics!

And here is the cafe where I had dinner with Troy last night:
The cafe

That's Troy at the counter, ordering :)

And here's the poster for the deal we got last night:

I had the orientale which was absolutely delicious.

Anyway, back to my stitching now. I'll hopefully get enough for a new photo soon :)

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it is beautiful!