Tuesday, July 22, 2008

With aching hands

I have spent all of today, except about two hours, in bed. Those two hours were sitting on the couch because my laptop battery had died...and then deciding it was a smarter idea to bring the cable up here. Thankyou so much to those who commented with well wishes - Gayle, Cathy and Karan, and any of you who just thought it or said a prayer for me. Doxa to Theo, all will be well.

My hands ache, especially the joints, and I am weak as a kitten. Best of all, I got dobbed in to cook dinner tomorrow night...and then my Mum invited company...and I'm sick! I'm going to make Pastitio anyway, since I've found a not-authentic-but-still-yummy-looking recipe, and hopefully it will work out. I'll start cooking soon after I get up and God willing that will mean it will all happen. I'm making lemon butter&cream croissants for dessert - heh, buy it all, spread stuff on cut croissants, dust with icing sugar, serve. My idea of a company dessert when I'm sick! I forgot about salad when I gave mum a list tonight but I'll just call her and ask her to get stuff on her way home. I'd intended to make it gluten free but I dont actually need to since sister-creature will not be home for dinner, which will make life easier for me since bechamel sauce is interesting with gluten free flour - meaning it doesn't always want to work. This is pastitsio:


I am frustrated by being sick, but resigned to it. I started my medication Friday night, it is now Monday night (or Tuesday morning). I feel sicker...but I don't know if that's the weather or the meds. And I'm not even taking them right, I don't tend to get up early enough in the morning to take them...bad Kyri. I need to fix that.

I have a class tomorrow. Oh joy. That is not going to be fun. I don't want to face my teachers having done none of the catchup over the holidays that I'd planned - I've just been too sick.


Doxa to Theo, all will be well...


Anonymous said...

you're still in my prayers!

that really looks good!

rest as much as you can tonight.

God bless


Karan said...

Still sending lots of positive, healing vibes your way (((((hugs))))). Take care of yourself.
Ooo that looks seriously tasty. :0)