Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A grey day

I've been tempted to write something as an entry for ages, but not sure what.

I'm very tired, my everything aches and my brain feels foggy, which makes things hard. Its UFO night, so froggy is out to play - I've got about 60 stitches done so far but it's all confetti and I'm finding it hard to concentrate.

As far as math is concerned I am up to date, thankfully. So now I need to get this assignment done, mailed, and do the test. Then all will be well. S.o.s. is...*sigh*. I don't even know where to begin.

I'm weak, and sick, and my sleep cycle is out of whack. I had a lot of fun on the weekend, but now I'm paying for it. So, I stay here at home. I got asked to show and tell my work last when company came calling so I had froggy, St Nicholas, Mystery X and Peaceful Paradise out. That was nice, except it's making me have itchy feet again. I'm going to be good and keep working here on froggy, or go back to St Nicholas of I get sick of frog. To do something else is tempting, but not going to happen, if I can help it!

Kitty has discovered the wonders of 'outside' and has been pouncing on bugs, sticks and whatever moves, and playing with our oldest cat. I approve of this, especially since it means she isn't destroying floss this way (her other favourite pastime).

Its Tuesday night, tv night. Its windy, and my family are coming home later. It's been very cold and overcast all day, and I have the heating on but I'm still cold. But this too will pass. For now, I'll go back to my embroidery. At least it's raining, and when I'm home indoors I am thankful for that - we need rain desperately.

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