Thursday, March 15, 2007

From the Ashes after Challenge SAL #3

I did a few stitches on periwinkle yesterday, but my mood was very very down and it was hard to focus on anything. Mostly yesterday I read, which was the only thing I could focus to do. I'm much better today though - not 100%, but better.

Helped Troy out with iambic pentameter for a creative writing lecture he has today last night - that stuff is confusing! Finally we sorted it out and he wrote his prescribed piece of 2 stanzas, 8 lines. His was about an eagle.

Anyway, I realised that I hadn't posted a picture of my weekend's progress on From the Ashes. I tried a cross country method this time, except for the wing in which I used my usual method - it's confetti so it made sense. Basically, I filled in all the secondary colours - all the random dots that there weren't much of any colour of, and then started filling in the background. I didn't get to finish filling in the background this time, but at least that will be an easy bit to start with next time I pick her up. I think I'm going to learn to hate that one colour of browny-yellow...there's so much of it!

So here she is:

From The Ashes - (c) HAED and Teri Rosario
Started: 12th January 2007
Total Stitches: 166,600
Stitches Done:
  • 12/3/07 - 2613


Hazel said...

very nice stitching. Yep I know all about Iambic pentameters lol. Shakepeare used a lot. Sorry to hear you've been feeling a bit down hon. I try to read some Psalms. xx

Michelle said...

Great progress on From the Ashes. What pretty colors!