Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Having fun with part 3

No photos, though they might be fun - maybe tomorrow.

Because part 2 ended up being so monotonous near the end, I've been having fun with the largely detail-stitched part 3. Its basically an overlay over what I've already stitched, with some detail on the corners and little rectangles of beads as borders around this central swirly design. Finally it's starting to look properly victorian, and it's gorgeous! Martina is so clever.

So far I have:
  • two of the corners done (a little tiny bit more green - 3 stitches per corner, six silver algerian eyelets and some purple on the outside)
  • one of the four purple boxes done - the top one, and the second one started
  • six beads in the purple box just to see how they looks - the two coloured beads arent the same size and it creates an interesting effect
  • the pink tulips in the top right hand corner complete with stems and leaves
  • the stems and leaves for most of the inner section in the TR corner done (3 big and 3 small to do)
  • 3 tiny tiny Jessica stitch flowers in the same section
Generally, I'm just playing. But its fun. Its a quick part to stitch up, I give it a week at most to get done. time I take this in to school, I am going to blow my craft teacher's socks off. FUN!


Luke said...

Your Cross-stitch is beautiful! I also greatly enjoy cross-sitching, but haven't done anything quite elaborate. I am currently working on a cross-stich for my youngest son. I have made one for each of my each of my two other sons and one daughter.

Where in Australia do you live? I have very good friends who live near Perth.

I am Anna's (maidensofworth) sister-in-law, BTW!

God Bless!

Hazel said...

You are getting lots done!